Georgia Aquarium

One of the great things about living in a small community is the opportunities. We have a wonderful Cub Scout Pack that is very involved in the lives of the boys and their families. This weekend our Cub Scout Pack went on an adventure to the Georgia Aquarium.

We saw jellies, sea otters, dolphins, sharks, a variety of whales and fish, puffins, penguins and so much more. We got to tour the backstage areas and see how much work actually goes into keeping this place going everyday.

The most exciting part of our day came at bedtime. We got to sleep next to this beautiful tank full of incredible creatures.

What a wonder it was to lay there and watch all of these things that God has created. I’m blown away by such a loving Father which chose to give us so much. Mankind has only started to understand about some of these creatures but God put so much detail into every little, tiny thing; things that will be discovered for years to come. If He put so much thought into the creation of these creatures, can you even imagine how much he thinks about you? How he plans our days and lives, moment by moment?


I Slept in a Lighthouse

Now that basketball, Annie, all the bridal showers and weddings, soccer, sicknesses, surgeries and prom are over I was so happy to be invited for a few days to refresh. A little rest was just what we needed so Becca, Nathan and I packed up and headed off for a little adventure.

What a great little bed and breakfast. We actually got to sleep in the lighthouse. Our view of Smith Lake was incredible. The water was a lot higher than normal and icy cold. Somehow icy water never stops children from swimming or going out in the boat. (Which always ends up with them in the water.) We slept in, ate lots of food, read books, watched great old movies and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

I am so blessed to be able to take the time to spend with my family. Every little adventure is a treasure in this Momma’s heart.



Orr Park

We have extra kids that belong to our family, Alyssa is one of them. You know, those children that become a part of your family even though they were not born into it. She is adorable, sweet, kind and funny. She is also Becca’s best friend. The kind of best friend that has been there from the beginning and will be there forever. I just love that girl!

Anyhow, we wanted to celebrate her birthday so we made it into a little day trip. First order of the day, get up and get dressed. Nothing to cutesy because we were going hiking. We stopped for lots of snacks then hit the road. A few hours later, and a lot of snacks later, we arrived at Orr Park in Montevallo, Al.

Many of the old cedar trees in the park were dying or had died and were bound to meet a chainsaw sometime in the near future. Tim Tingle saw something in those old trees and magically transformed many of them into remarkable works of art. How amazing is that?

IMG_3127 (2)

It was a great day with a quiet, peaceful kind of feeling that makes you want to stay forever but these guys are always hungry so we were forced to move on.

We stopped for cake because it’s cake and also it was Alyssa’s birthday. Those two are just so cute! Later we stopped for Taco’s at Sol Restaurante Mexicano & Taqueria. They have great street taco’s.

Any time we get in the car with this girl many songs are sung, there’s lots of laughter and and there’s an over abundance of talking. This day was no exception. What a great day it was. Happy Birthday Alyssa! I can’t wait for many more adventures with you.


The Gift of an Adventure, Part 2

The weather was fabulous for an outdoor adventure, a slight breeze on a mild fall day. We couldn’t wait to get started so we jumped out of bed and rushed to get dressed. It was a bit nostalgic, all three of us hustling around in one bathroom trying to get ready to leave.



Our first stop was Mountain Brook, after breakfast of course. A beautiful old mill once used as a tea room. It is a private residence now nestled next to a little stream, surrounded by nature. I would live here if I lived close to a busy city.



Our next stop was Oneonta. You can find three covered bridges,  Swann Covered Bridge, Easley Covered Bridge and Horton Mill Covered Bridge, all within a few miles of each other. These bridges were built between 1927 and 1934 and are still in use today because of a town willing to do maintenance. What a treasure they have kept for us.


Can you imagine all the things this bridge has seen?

IMG_7669 (2)

IMG_7699 (2)

Our last stop, and my favorite of the day, was a little town named Mooresville. A beautiful, old brick church, built in 1839 was the first thing we saw. This church was used by the Presbyterians and Methodists for services and as a Baptist mission.

Handcrafted brick, elaborate stucco covered pilasters and a large wooden hand pointing towards heaven are just a few of the details evident on the outside of the building.



On the inside, large windows with wavy glass, an ornate chandelier and worn floors leading you straight to the alter.

A Post Office built with wood cut by hand that’s still in use today, a Stagecoach Inn and Tavern and a clapboard church owned by the Church of Christ were other buildings that have been preserved in the area.

Wooden shingles, handmade chimneys and trim work on houses are a thing of the past for the most part but what a wonderful heritage we have been left with. Mooresville is a great little place to go if you are longing for a quiet, peaceful day. It was a good day of refreshing.

The sights were great and the food was fabulous but the best part of the day was the time we spent together. Happy Birthday Momma.

The Gift of an Adventure, Part 1

For my mom’s birthday my sister and I gave her the gift of an adventure. This weekend she cashed it in. We had an incredible weekend full of great sights, phenomenal food and very little sleep but most of all a weekend full of wonderful memories that I will cherish forever.  We started out bright and early so the first order of the day was breakfast.


We made a decision to try new things and new places, to stop whenever we saw something that interested us. First Watch was our breakfast stop. None of us had eaten there before. We soon discovered that we were in for a real treat.  I ordered Lemon Ricotta Pancakes. Fresh, whipped ricotta cheese added to a multi-grain batter topped with marinated berries and creamy lemon curd served with pure maple syrup. These pancakes could be eaten without any toppings. Yes, they were that good but the berries and lemon curd added so much flavor. All I can say is incredible.

We were so busy enjoying our day that we skipped lunch but we definitely didn’t skip snacks like this. An old fashioned ice cream soda, chocolate flavored of course, served at a cute little drug store named Gilchrist Drug. Chocolate, milk, soda water and ice cream all combined to make an afternoon snack worth stopping in for.


When we finally got around to eating supper we were famished. Spit Fire Shrimp and mushrooms filled with seafood dressing, bacon and jack cheese were the first things to arrive at the table. I ate so much that I didn’t think I’d have room for my meal. I was wrong.


Speegle is as good as it looks, actually better. Simply put speegle is pasta with roasted garlic cream and grilled shrimp topped with cheese and the perfect amount of seasoning. I was stuffed, Mom was stuffed and so was my sister and since it was after nine, and we had several hours drive to get home, we decided to call it a day. Oh but what a day it was. It was a birthday treat for my mom but I think all three of us lucked out.

Mom’s Birthday


IMG_7429 (2)

Today we celebrated my mother’s birthday with family dinner, cake and ice cream of course. The cake was a  delicious buttermilk spice cake with brown sugar cream cheese frosting. For her gift, the gift of an adventure. I love this woman. Life would simply be unimaginable without her. She is the best Mom/Gram anyone could ever ask for. Don’t believe me? Just ask anyone in our family.